Farmers Bowling Ball Cannon #Shorts

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Welker Farms

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Not your typical bowling ball launching artillery. This baby was custom built by Scott Welker (Leg Arms) from scrap ranging from a Model T Ford frame and suspension to John Deere 7700 Combine parts. Launching balls well over half mile and into the clouds, this cannon knows no limits. Sit back and enjoy the show.
Full video here!

Crab Man
Crab Man پیش 14 روز
When the coyotes learn to steal the farmer’s shotgun and use them *you must improvise*
donald mittan
donald mittan پیش 19 روز
That's awsome !!!
Buddy Martin
Buddy Martin پیش 23 روز
'MY CAMERA!!!' Lol!!
Allen Hampshire
Allen Hampshire پیش 23 روز
That all we will have left, if and when the Leftists take our firearms. "From my cold dead hands !!!" Moses/ Charlton Heston....
Everett Sykes
Everett Sykes پیش 23 روز
American ingenuity at its finest.
Tim Höernle
Tim Höernle پیش 24 روز
It strikes 12 targets and scores 300.
Kirk Kramer
Kirk Kramer پیش 24 روز
Black power? Some other explosive?
Neil Tibbs
Neil Tibbs پیش 25 روز
Smoking 👌👌👍
Pol Mac mathuna
Pol Mac mathuna پیش 25 روز
joe dirt
joe dirt پیش 25 روز
Lisa Quigley-Moon
Lisa Quigley-Moon پیش 26 روز
John Van Woerden
John Van Woerden پیش 26 روز
Bang bang mike mitchel
BrianLTU پیش 27 روز
Making holes in the ground for the trees? XF
andrew pettit
andrew pettit پیش 27 روز
Omg u guys are nailing it, love the video and all ur videos in matter of fact, keep up the good work, would love to see more of the bowling ball can and it hitting stuff, nailed it!
Barry last
Barry last پیش 27 روز
I need one of those in my back yard. Just for the high flying turkeys, mind you. 🙄
Jason of faith
Jason of faith پیش 27 روز
Bowling ally must hate you
iBelieve پیش 28 روز
Bob Vel
Bob Vel پیش 28 روز
“What did you do to my car?!”
john Williams
john Williams پیش 28 روز
You can play crush the castle for real.
gothael1 پیش 28 روز
Didn't see it from enough different angles, unsubscribing.
2 1/2 Acres
2 1/2 Acres پیش 29 روز
Ok I need one of these now
Wolfdog370 پیش 29 روز
That's very blokey 😎👍
krock top builds
krock top builds پیش 29 روز
see we have people who can build things like this and yet the government thinks they are capable of completely disarming us citizens well all I gotta say is they can try all they want in the end they will only start a war they can't win
Truth Seeker Truth Speaker
Truth Seeker Truth Speaker پیش 29 روز
Colton Winkel
Colton Winkel پیش ماه
😮Me waiting for Canada's response
manu Honkanen
manu Honkanen پیش ماه
That is how you plant bowling balls!
Chim Richalds
Chim Richalds پیش ماه
Knock knock Who's there. ATF Lol
Helmut Zollner
Helmut Zollner پیش ماه
Wow! Americans are not only collecting assault weapons, now they even invest in artillery. I guess it is all covered by 2nd Amendments? Wonderibg when nukes will be covered as well!?
Rolling Manni
Rolling Manni پیش ماه
Autsch! Bowling ball??? 😱😱Full Demolition. 👍😱😲
Rockerneck پیش ماه
The fact that you see the smoke before the bowling ball means you’re doing it wrong.
Rockerneck پیش 29 روز
DD PN that’s a small brain response
DD PN پیش ماه
Feel free to show us your bowling ball cannon.
krystoph m
krystoph m پیش ماه
Proper ending for the ford
Master of none
Master of none پیش ماه
Because 'merica
William Cook
William Cook پیش ماه
Hell yes
Vitaliy Kramarenko
Vitaliy Kramarenko پیش ماه
+ Україна.
Bram de Hoon
Bram de Hoon پیش ماه
This is art
ROdr!go Pęrez
ROdr!go Pęrez پیش ماه
It puffs!
Brent Raulston
Brent Raulston پیش ماه
I hope the BATF isn't looking today.
Kurt Fosberg
Kurt Fosberg پیش ماه
Was going to ask if sometimes they don't find the bowling ball or what is left of it
Sam Coon
Sam Coon پیش ماه
Finally! A video worth watching!!
Barbara Todd
Barbara Todd پیش ماه
To achieve this level of marksmanship, I think it's fair to say they have handled a lot of balls
mixstamike پیش ماه
Lol I was thinking of random things when I saw this video and it made me think of how funny would it be if another country tried attacking us and this man shoots a bowling ball out of his cannon and saved the day 😂 haha that would perfectly describe "Murica" 🇺🇲 lol 😜
Gerald Roth
Gerald Roth پیش ماه
Rip Rod Farmer
Rip Rod Farmer پیش ماه
Sweet video guys!
Nicholas Avery
Nicholas Avery پیش ماه
We built one 20 years ago good fun
Toomuch Bs
Toomuch Bs پیش ماه
Lukas Operator
Lukas Operator پیش ماه
Świetny pomysł na taką armate i radosc z działania, zabawa bezcenna, chciałbym prosić o więcej takich filmów, A także jakiś remont maszyn rolniczych lub budowlanych. Pozdrawiam serdecznie z Polski
Box Rec
Box Rec پیش ماه
15 pound bowling balls?
Roger Holloway
Roger Holloway پیش ماه
Best thing to do with a Ford? Just buff that out, it'll be fine!
Canadian Farmer Donnie
Canadian Farmer Donnie پیش ماه
I can see it now you guys in a zombie movie 🎥 shooting them down with the cannon 😂
OURv پیش ماه
SO, This is how farmers spend their time in winter after all the crops are laid by & all the equipment is mended & serviced? !
Richard G
Richard G پیش ماه
What does this video have to do with farming
Sincerely yours,
Sincerely yours, پیش ماه
Okay. What farmer did you start a war with?
Tony Mckeage
Tony Mckeage پیش ماه
Great vlog
Ham68 پیش ماه
Bowling balls are tough, I remember watching a video of some guy that makes a living or used to, at taking down old concrete silo's. All he used was a cannon and bowling balls. Strange, you'd think those things would shatter but, takes a lot to hurt them. That poor car... LOL Cheers :)
Tcuel پیش ماه
I think the Dutch tradition "Carbid schieten" will interest you guys :)
spliceon charlie
spliceon charlie پیش ماه
did we get a strike or a spare??
Richard Bartoníček
Richard Bartoníček پیش ماه
Icaman0719 Sogge
Icaman0719 Sogge پیش ماه
That's funny
David Ruff
David Ruff پیش ماه
Do you ever lauch any Pumpkins?
Bryant Fry
Bryant Fry پیش ماه
What a waste of a car. Certainly there would be poor people in your community that could have benefitted from that.
Bryant Fry
Bryant Fry پیش ماه
@Welker Farms so if someone had the same make and model, and theirs was rusted out, but the engine and transmission were good you still wouldn't care?
Welker Farms
Welker Farms پیش ماه
Engine was blown, 250,000 miles on transmission, wore out suspension and needed brakes... Cost to get that vehicle running would be 3 times its worth as is. Before you assume anything take a minute to realize we are not dumb. Thanks.
Tobbe Andersson
Tobbe Andersson پیش ماه
Ted B.
Ted B. پیش ماه
It's a Montana howister.
Max Clement
Max Clement پیش ماه
Million Veiws callling it
Captain Morgan
Captain Morgan پیش ماه
I want to be on your bowling team. Awesome video.
david w pinkston
david w pinkston پیش ماه
the smoke ring reminded me of doing that as a kid. how cool was i?
Putra Jalur
Putra Jalur پیش ماه
Very amazing
Les Ens
Les Ens پیش ماه
Should be called, When Farmers get Bored. Haha I used to make little cannons. Surprisingly powerful for their size.
David Duma
David Duma پیش ماه
This is what happens to visitors who don't have an appointment ??
Rick Duquette
Rick Duquette پیش ماه
BIG boom!! I love that thing, I think that the canon has not lived up to all the hype. We need to see more videos with this in them.
ed پیش ماه
You should point your cannon at Washington, DC.
Sneak 66
Sneak 66 پیش ماه
My camera! Ha ha! 📷
Jean Louis Binchet
Jean Louis Binchet پیش ماه
Excellent, feu à volonté 😂👍
JTN- Minn
JTN- Minn پیش ماه
LOL,LOL LMAO The tube isn't going to like this one....Probably get a visit from I'm guessing black powder is hard to come by too.
1murder99 پیش ماه
Now you need to work up ballistics data for that thing so you can shoot stuff over the horizon.
Martin Reymann
Martin Reymann پیش ماه
That just reduced some winter time blues ! Thank you 🙏
1SG Engineer Retired
1SG Engineer Retired پیش ماه
From a retired Artillery guy, I LUV this, I have a few relics laying around from when we fired 155 mm towards the Florence AZ impact site For those that don't like math, Artillery is nothing but MATH
M M پیش ماه
@0:42 why you destroy this car?,it still good,anybody answer?.
Welker Farms
Welker Farms پیش ماه
@M M but if the junk yard will only pay $100 for the car... I'd pay more to watch it get destroyed by a cannon and can guarantee the majority would too! Why do people pay to see a demolition durby?
M M پیش ماه
​@Welker FarmsI never do such thing,if it is like this,I sell it to the junkyard.
Welker Farms
Welker Farms پیش ماه
Engine rebuild would cost more than the car is worth. And it needed a lot more than an engine.
Stuart Roland
Stuart Roland پیش ماه
That did not last long .😍🤣😁👍👍
M. Marienfeld
M. Marienfeld پیش ماه
Got a name for that cannon: The Big Lebowski or The Dude
FARM DUDE پیش ماه
You should hollow out a hole in a bowling ball and put a go pro in it. First person shooter on the ball that would be cool. Nick I know you can do it.
Bob Fitch
Bob Fitch پیش ماه
That looks like fun!
Jack پیش ماه
I think these shorts would be good for quick drone shots! look forward to see more
The One Saskatchewan Farm Boy
The One Saskatchewan Farm Boy پیش ماه
Why do explosions always sound like UFOs are approaching
Pat OHare
Pat OHare پیش ماه
That was awesome the camera shots were great good way to have some good fun 👍
paul Beydler
paul Beydler پیش ماه
👍 that was a hoot! 😎
Bryan Newburn
Bryan Newburn پیش ماه
Wonder what's the chances of getting Pelosi to look down the barrel while it's loaded
CuriousEarthMan پیش ماه
I'm watching, laughing and laughing. that was a nice winter interlude. thank you! lol I hope Mr. Welker had a ball watching this! It's a surefire way to hit the relaxation target! Personally, I had a blast watching! I enjoy how the music and the footage fuse. The video pops, it's nearly explosive! It shows us what you're up to; gives us a great report!
Bird Dog
Bird Dog پیش ماه
Sir, I need a build sheet of cannon and load data for “education purposes”.
Bird Dog
Bird Dog پیش 23 روز
s k
s k پیش ماه
...for a friend, right?
David Schick
David Schick پیش ماه
Fewer slow-fire scenes, more heavy, concussive booms.
stephen smith
stephen smith پیش ماه
Be careful with the Canon a machinist friend of mine built one and used it randomly for several years with all the use it weakened and blew up almost killing him he was 50 feet from it when it blew up ...
Charly 1970
Charly 1970 پیش ماه
I call if "fun"! :-D
Frankestein01nl پیش ماه
Dal Adams
Dal Adams پیش ماه
That's IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Frozenhosehead پیش ماه
MY CAMERA! Don't worry Hollywood, Farmers Insurance covers it because they know a thing or two, because they've seen a thing or two! 🤣🤣🤣
revman417 پیش ماه
This would get you arrested so quickly here in the UK...
Steven Raine
Steven Raine پیش ماه
Awesome Guys 👍👍👍
David Culbertson
David Culbertson پیش ماه
Need! Need to see more of this.🤗🤗🤗
Jaco Botes
Jaco Botes پیش ماه
Now just need another #shorts compilation just of the sound of that ball traveling. Epic
Birconu Gaming
Birconu Gaming پیش ماه
Nice 👌😊
Mark Arnott
Mark Arnott پیش ماه
Cows be like ok u want war .
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