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Daniel Johnston
Daniel Johnston پیش 8 روز
My favorite channel by far! That rolling thunder shot is perfection. I’ve always felt they should update their intro with it also!
Thomas White
Thomas White پیش 11 روز
Down home people doing a hard job everyday.ty for sharing your life.Big T.
Moe Whitfield
Moe Whitfield پیش 17 روز
I'd watch a full documentary on you guys.
Joan Brugal
Joan Brugal پیش 26 روز
what is the name of the background music?
เสีย ไรท์เช็น วัยรุ่นสร้างล้าน
เสีย ไรท์เช็น วัยรุ่นสร้างล้าน پیش 29 روز
Good video
Harry Tackett
Harry Tackett پیش ماه
Nick Welker's new nickname is Nickiboo Wheatworm.
jeffrey bertrim
jeffrey bertrim پیش ماه
i still say that out of all your tractors and equipment the n14 435 is still my favorite
Grant Larabee
Grant Larabee پیش ماه
You should do something on how it started in 1912
Lock Valley Farms
Lock Valley Farms پیش ماه
This video literally gave me chills, so inspirational
StarRobin پیش ماه
This is probably the best trailer I've ever seen
Joe Stremkowski
Joe Stremkowski پیش ماه
Very beautiful video . Love it .
Dude Mediocre
Dude Mediocre پیش ماه
Man, this makes Welker Farms look like professionals!
Doug Boone
Doug Boone پیش ماه
He’s guys are worthless
Marcelo Angel Sanchez Roman
Marcelo Angel Sanchez Roman پیش ماه
Muy bueno!!!
Marcelo Angel Sanchez Roman
Marcelo Angel Sanchez Roman پیش ماه
Hayden Stafford
Hayden Stafford پیش ماه
What's the music that got used🤣
Jon Bob
Jon Bob پیش ماه
Wow I don’t normally comment on videos but this is amazing major props to nick whoever edited this.
Batdude 2
Batdude 2 پیش ماه
Love your channel, keep em coming!
Hayden Stafford
Hayden Stafford پیش ماه
God bless the welkers!!!! They are amazing!!!!
Timothy Abraham
Timothy Abraham پیش ماه
Just watched this video for the third time, still get goosebumps !! GOD BLESS YALL !!! (From Virginia Beach, VA [left coast])
Daniel Dzurko
Daniel Dzurko پیش ماه
You're welcome
Lars Madsen
Lars Madsen پیش ماه
All the best guys, it's been a pleasure to follow you, in your daily life on the Welker Farm
stumpy2816 پیش ماه
Love it Nick❤️
Candice Morse
Candice Morse پیش ماه
So proud to watch this channel grow and to know you as friends. Who know Shelby, MT would be put on the IRpost map by an amazing farming family. The Lord is blessing all that you put your hands to. Great job Welkers!!
Joseph Sakovich
Joseph Sakovich پیش ماه
I had goosebumps the entire time
Tom Mathews
Tom Mathews پیش ماه
Love your channel, great content, fine folks with good values, and a totally different farming operation/style than what I've known my whole life here in Alabama and the deep south. I truly admire the fact that y'all aren't scared to tackle anything! Major skills in fabrication/metal working, mechanics, photography, videography/editing, as well as ag. Keep up the good work, I'll be watching!
Ryan Marthaler
Ryan Marthaler پیش ماه
Very nice nick, shows how u guys love farming.
J Essary Farms
J Essary Farms پیش ماه
Awesome y’all! Keep it up!!
Cory Leefers
Cory Leefers پیش ماه
I love you guys. Keep it up.
Don Zender
Don Zender پیش ماه
Jane Doe
Jane Doe پیش ماه
Funny enough, I found this channel back in 2015-16 when I got into fs17 after I looked up "big bud 747" and I found this channel, loved it ever since.
Jane Doe
Jane Doe پیش ماه
@Robert Welker thank you guys for being a huge part of my life. God bless you all
Robert Welker
Robert Welker پیش ماه
Thanks for following us all these years! Blessings
Jason Swift
Jason Swift پیش ماه
Official trailer for what?
Mark J. Cady Jr.
Mark J. Cady Jr. پیش ماه
Just posted you to my FB page. You guys, you guys, AND gals? Thank you SO much! The majesty of farming is so apparent. XOXOXO from BeMa City Farming. We are really - REALLY small fry to you, but we are feeding others. That is what farming, and apiary (my personal passion) are all about. Our fellow community is being fed. AND(!) we didn't go broke doing it! On to next year! God Bless all of you!
Ground Contact
Ground Contact پیش ماه
God bless the farmers! Thank you Welker family for sharing you story with the world.
Shawna G
Shawna G پیش ماه
Love this. Hopefully we can meet one day! ❤️
Buster QHorse
Buster QHorse پیش ماه
That was awesome! God Bless and keep safe!
rebelredneck98 پیش ماه
I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL I wanna know how yall are dealing with the grain shortage they are not accepting any here in the south hopefully thats not yalls situation Love ya and God Bless
Jeremy Rapp
Jeremy Rapp پیش ماه
Any chance we can see the Wagner WA-4 restoration this year? I’d love to see it as a little bud
Robert Welker
Robert Welker پیش ماه
We're hoping for that. Have a couple of projects coming.
Robert Moore
Robert Moore پیش ماه
To all the Welkers, faith is what keeps us strong, even in the rough times,excellent content in all the video's and it all comes from the love shown especially with your dad he has a great love for all including his best buddy Coby you can tell by the way he interacts with him. God Bless All and be safe
Mt Dog Luvr
Mt Dog Luvr پیش ماه
Looking forward to this year’s videos. Please take some time to educate us non-farmers this year on farm economics. How grain is sold, how seed and fertilizer is bought, equipment cost forecasts, etc. Of course, without revealing your numbers. I love seeing the American flag in your videos too!
Robert Welker
Robert Welker پیش ماه
Will try and update on these in coming videos. Thanks
Dan Finley
Dan Finley پیش ماه
Thanks for another awesome video
David Peter
David Peter پیش ماه
I still love seeing the sweetgrass hills in the background, g’day from downunder
Francis Font
Francis Font پیش ماه
Màgic !!!
Antonio Lujan
Antonio Lujan پیش ماه
Nice family
Andy H
Andy H پیش ماه
Too cool. Great job guys
John Deere
John Deere پیش ماه
I love welker farms it rests in gods arms
Nick McKay
Nick McKay پیش ماه
Hope the Welkers keep it coming or I'll give up youtube completely
Jamin Bear
Jamin Bear پیش ماه
Isaiah Gassner
Isaiah Gassner پیش ماه
I loved it. It is so inspiring to grab my gopro and film how I farm in Wisconsin. I would love to meet mr.Scott mr. Nick and your dad . God bless and keep safe
Bj Nairobi
Bj Nairobi پیش ماه
Absolutely brilliant always love all your content keep it up regards from Ireland
A&K Farm
A&K Farm پیش ماه
Outstanding display of farming. Well done guys!! Gold standard stuff for sure!
Welker Farms
Welker Farms پیش ماه
Thank you kindly!
carl mul
carl mul پیش ماه
The production of this is absolutely amazing it is like something out of a movie
Diamond Doors
Diamond Doors پیش ماه
What an amazing story you have told in this trailer. Loved it. Not to mention the great visuals. Keep up the good work.
Da vid
Da vid پیش ماه
That was National Geographic type of quality. Wow! 👏
Joel Windsor
Joel Windsor پیش ماه
You guys do a really great job on you tube and thank you for keeping this county fed gods speed gentlemen
Sam Mahowald
Sam Mahowald پیش ماه
I look forward to these videos. No matter what it’s about I watch it. Love these guys!!
Matthew Voisey
Matthew Voisey پیش ماه
I remember a video popping up for the largest tractor and watching my first Welker vid with Big Bud restoration back 2 years ago. I got hooked. I went right back to the beginning as I was interested to see the progress from start to end. When I caught up after a few weeks that bell was rung immediately. This brings shivers to think back where it all started and to where you guys are now. Thank you for the content. The laughs, the trials, the mishaps, the camaraderie and the great camera footage. You guys do an awesome job ad long may it continue. M
Robert Welker
Robert Welker پیش ماه
Thanks Matt! Blessings
xXJeSTeRoSXx پیش ماه
Keep it up 👍🏻
Demonreich پیش ماه
I don't know who you guys voted so I'm going to unfollow I voted for Trump because I'm a Christian and Trump is the most pro life President ever I'm not aligned with anyone who isn't on the side of Trump anymore if you're true christians youtube will eventually go after you too this is not the time to be silent about your beliefs the liberal media is coming for all Christians
Robert Welker
Robert Welker پیش ماه
I agree about the President being the most pro life. He also looked out for our agriculture and manufacturing jobs. And he pulled us out of conflicts and poor trade deals, reduced regulations, and was the friend of faith minded country men and free speech. We are not sure about the future, as the left is feeling very emboldened and at the same time fearful. But God has the last say and we trust Him to provide. Lord Blessings
Doug Armknecht
Doug Armknecht پیش ماه
Amazing job Welkers! Your faith and hard work has led you here, and I wish you all the best for the future. Now on to 500k subscribers and beyond! I know you will use your success for good.
Jay Voelker
Jay Voelker پیش ماه
Keep the faith!!!! Glad to hear that!
derick tharp
derick tharp پیش ماه
Well done ! Good and faithful servant!
Mike Less - Farmhand Mike
Mike Less - Farmhand Mike پیش ماه
Great Trailer and YES the Welker's are great folks too!
Don G
Don G پیش ماه
Excellent video! Better audio, picture quality, and editing than a recent farming documentary that I purchased to watch. Keep up the good work, I always enjoy your content.
Adventures to the MAX
Adventures to the MAX پیش ماه
Love the cinematic filming, really hit the spot! You guys are the best!!
jeffrey boggs
jeffrey boggs پیش ماه
Man Nelson
Man Nelson پیش ماه
When r u collecting the quad track from Millennial famer
Robert Welker
Robert Welker پیش ماه
When we find the key.............................................😁👍
drbobf57 پیش ماه
Thank you so much. I love your videos. I grew up farming, brings back alot of memories with my dad and brother. I know how hard farming is. I appreciate you guys.
Rob Peters
Rob Peters پیش ماه
What about your mother? If it weren’t for her, you wouldn’t be here. Everyone has a mom Represent!
Robert Welker
Robert Welker پیش ماه
Yes they are key is all we do.
Jared DeVries
Jared DeVries پیش ماه
You should make a compilation video with bits and pieces of every video you ever made. Make a music video compilation.
Cowboy Holland
Cowboy Holland پیش ماه
You guys really outdid yourselves not only in the trailer, but in your videos. Keep making your amazing content, the same forever! I hope it never ends!
Corbin Matter
Corbin Matter پیش ماه
That was great I love watching Welker videos because they don’t do that click bait and there not fake. Keep more videos coming love you guys I wish I could hang with you but we’re a few states away
Todd Johnson
Todd Johnson پیش ماه
I love the music that you chose for the trailer. It reminds me of 🎶 from something like the movie Transformers
John Wall
John Wall پیش ماه
Love it ,keep up the great work
Frank Beale
Frank Beale پیش ماه
Your video production is absolutely incredible!
Duane Franklin
Duane Franklin پیش ماه
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Lawrence Dylan
Lawrence Dylan پیش ماه
愛國艾國 پیش ماه
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Dave Willard
Dave Willard پیش ماه
Believe me he's the best when it comes to Cryptocurrency trading, your profit is assured.
Kevin Larry
Kevin Larry پیش ماه
@Tracy Eduardo Thanks for the recommends
Tracy Eduardo
Tracy Eduardo پیش ماه
+1 2 8 1 6 7 3 4 9 5 7
D K پیش ماه
That was one of the best trailers that I have ever watched. Thank you for what you guys do.
Danny Deshler
Danny Deshler پیش ماه
Couple things: 1. Nick, I have said it before, you have a gift for videography and editing, I have always enjoyed your videos and the music you add to them. Still top notch. 2. It may be pain sometimes with that camera, but it allows us access to your life and it is an everlasting record of you guys and your relationships, something that is way more than IRpost. You guys are great and I always enjoy watching your videos. Thank You.
David Wurth
David Wurth پیش ماه
Great video! Love the background music! Keep up the good work! I am impressed with and appreciate how the equipment has changed since I quit farming in the mid '80's.
G Unter
G Unter پیش ماه
Wow beautiful land.
Gary Wilson
Gary Wilson پیش ماه
You guys are Awesome. Thanks for giving Coby credit! He is star material, Hahahaha Hope you guys have a Blessed Year. Looking forward to more vids
Bruce True
Bruce True پیش ماه
Your videos have a real cinematic quality.
m -
m - پیش ماه
Nice videotrailer!! Good he said they do it in faith and its good for everyone and all ages to watch. I like that very much. I wish Welker family and all viewers the best!
Dole Junction
Dole Junction پیش ماه
The sunsets, the camera angles, the music and the people behind it, Nothing else like it! Class Act.
Mark Williams
Mark Williams پیش ماه
With the number of subscribers you have If you put out more videos. You could get that 747 to add to your fleet
Curtis Mohr
Curtis Mohr پیش ماه
Awesome trailer y’all! It really speaks to who y’all are and what y’all do! Great job!!
Bobby Blizzard
Bobby Blizzard پیش ماه
Great trailer video!
Karen Cheney
Karen Cheney پیش ماه
love this-as a city girl who is mature (which means I am older-haha-my optometrist told me my eyes are 'maturing') and someone who was never around farms (a military brat!)-your channel and Cole the Cornstar fascinate me and make me appreciate all that our farmers do-thanks so much! Keep shining for the Lord!
Damon Coates
Damon Coates پیش ماه
This was one of my favorite videos so far. Faith based and great videos for anyone any age is amazing. Keep up the awesome work. You have a great family.
Ben King
Ben King پیش ماه
I never thought I'd be using "epic" and "farming" in the same sentence. Yet here we are.
Fifi Finance
Fifi Finance پیش ماه
Omg you have such great camera presence! such an exciting journey ahead, need to check a few more of your videos. I have a investing channel myself, been going at it for about 5 months now.😎
Ferdl217 پیش ماه
i am from germany and i love to watch your videos so that`s like christmas for me when you post a new video no joke!!! .
Brad Woodward
Brad Woodward پیش ماه
Hands down some of the highest quality video's on youtube! The positive attitiudes you guys are able to keep up is something quite special! Love it!
Keith Powell
Keith Powell پیش ماه
Jacob Allen
Jacob Allen پیش ماه
Anyone notice the third combine
Gman Killian
Gman Killian پیش ماه
Best content! God bless!
Ford Truckers
Ford Truckers پیش ماه
I really like that new trailer!!!
Bryan Simonson
Bryan Simonson پیش ماه
Always appreciate your clean, wholesome content. Best wishes to your farm in 2021 and beyond!
Craig Neufeld
Craig Neufeld پیش ماه
Love the history of how the IRpost portion started. Thanks guys. I sure look forward to every new episode!!
A. Ross
A. Ross پیش ماه
Man I really enjoy watching your channel. I love the the scenery there. My dad, now 82, drove combines in the 50’s starting in Texas all the way up to Montana during his summers..he is fond of the channel as well. It has brought tears to his eyes because he misses it. Great amount of pride and accomplishment he felt. I was compelled to buy a small tractor after so much of watching yours and others farm channels..I bought a Kioti CK2610 for my 6 acres. Not to farm it but to have a tool to assist me in making it better..I live in the wooded foothills of the Sierra Nevada, near Twain Harte Ca. My thought was that I have this land that I’m blessed to call home! I put gravel into some potholes in the road that I drive on and many other neighbors . They are appreciative. Moving brush to the burn pile, clearing land, road maintenance, pull a stump out for neighbor...it’s so much fun! Oh and my dad loves working it too. Keeps him busy with some purpose . Our property is looking great!
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